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eAuction №16
27 января 2021 года

eAuction №16


Auction №27
Коллекционные монеты - 27 марта 2021

Auction №27

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  • A huge variety of exceptional coins and first-class preservation medals at our Auctions;
  • Coins and medals confirmed by a certificate of authenticity in our store;
  • Consulting in the search for coins, compiling collections;
  • The ability to purchase coins and medals in deferment;
  • A wide selection of numismatic literature;
  • Representation of collectors at numismatic auctions in Russia and other countries.
Наши услуги


  • Online examination of coins and medals;
  • Full-time examination of medals and coins;
  • Redemption of medals and coins;
  • Acceptance of medals and coins at auction;
  • Acceptance of items for commission.

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